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"I work at UMMS as a Lab Technician II in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. I have always loved my job here at the bench in the lab but I wanted to have more connections with other workers like me, and to broaden my understanding of the employer as a whole. I became active with the SHARE union and was elected our first President in 2001 at age 29. Our university is growing by leaps and bounds now and as they say "the life sciences moment is here." Without a union, our voice could easily be lost in all the strategic planning. Helping people here form connections with each other, learning from their experiences and steering the university toward our future together is my main role as President."

Loranne Magoun, SHARE at UMMS President and UMMS Lab Technician II


SHARE at UMMS is the union of approximately 500 clerical and research employees who work at UMass Medical School (UMMS), in Worcester, Massachusetts. They voted to form a union in 1997 and chose to build upon the HUCTW model of unionism, modifying it to fit their workplace.

"SHARE learns about its members in a variety of ways. Last year we focused on the new sets of talents and expectations that our younger workers are bringing to the workplace. Many of these people are research technicians. While people are excited to be working here, many are carrying debt from obtaining necessary degrees, have different styles of communicating, want a deeper level of participation, more meaningful work and multi-task better than previous generations. Their desire to advance drives their decision making. SHARE is currently in contract negotiations with UMMS. Much of what we are talking about was highlighted in the small group luncheons we held with younger workers across the university. These issues include defining the career advancement pathways, increasing wages, providing time off for training and education, benefits, and job security. Our union is made stronger by having deep connections with our members, both our longer term people as well as those in the Next Generation."

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