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Many people have written letters commending TEA's positive and peaceful approach to union organizing and supporting Tufts staff's right to a free, fair, and open union organizing drive. Click on PDFs below to read the text of these letters.
Excerpts from some of the letters:

Senators Kennedy and Kerry
"It's been our privilege over the years to work with your union, which has represented employees at Harvard, UMass Medical School, UMass Memorial Health Care and many other institutions. At each of these institutions, the union has gained the respect of the community and formed partnerships with management, strengthening them into even greater places of learning and healing." [Excerpt from full letter]

--Late U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy and U.S. Senator John Kerry

"I never urge employees to form a union or choose to affiliate with one union as opposed to another. However, I support unequivocally the right to organize in a fair and transparent environment. The freedoms of speech, assembly, and association are basic human rights." [Excerpt from full letter]

--U.S. Congressman Michael E. Capuano

Senator Hart
"As a close friend of Tufts, I was very interested to learn about the union organizing efforts. I had the opportunity to learn the union's methodology and goals, both of which seem very much in line with Tufts' institutional emphasis on citizenship and public service. I was also impressed with the histories of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) and the SHARE Union in Worcester, both of which were formed by the organizers currently working with TEA and which have incredibly strong and positive relationships with their management." [Excerpt from full letter]

--Massachusetts State Senator and Tufts alumnus Jack Hart

"As a community activist, I admire the TEA's commitment to building a union through constructive honest organizing, and believe that they are a positive movement within my district. From what I know about Tufts as a thoughtful employer and important mission-driven institution, I believe that the union and the University can make excellent partners in the future." [Excerpt from full letter]

--Massachusetts State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz

"Unions in any type of workplace can afford their members with better wages, benefits, work security, and training. However, I am deeply impressed by the unique form of unionism that the Tufts Emplyoee Association (TEA) is utilizing to organize at Tufts, and believe that it will be an especially effective partner with the Tufts administration." [Excerpt from full letter]

--Massachusetts State Senator Steven A. Tolman

Tufts Employee Association, Tel: 617-620-7686, Email: tea.info@teawork.org

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