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HUCTW member


"I believe I can credit my longevity and career growth at the dental school to my involvement with the union.  Particularly one benefit that I have now is my college degree and I received that with help from the tuition refund program and education release time.  Release time allowed me to take time off to attend classes.  It is especially hard when you are working in the health care field dealing with patients and students on a daily basis.  It becomes very hard to find time to take off because the needs of the patients are immediate and so important.  The union encourages managers and supervisors to work with staff members around scheduling to allow time for career advancements and development needs."

HUCTW member Zena Brown, Dental Assistant II, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

HUCTW member


"I have 38 years of service at Harvard and many reasons to celebrate my longer-service status. And, I have been a member of HUCTW since its inception in 1988, for which I am profoundly proud and grateful.

For myself, now at age 57, the concept of security has become more of a reality. HUCTW has negotiated improvements to our retirement pensions, instituted job security, and revamped the salary structure that allows consistent and steady increases in salary as well as simultaneously marking steps through our job grades which keep us moving progressively forward. So, I not only feel secure about my current role at Harvard, but breathe much easier when thinking about retirement issues and my post-Harvard decades.

Through the last two decades, our members and union staff and officers have worked closely with Harvard at every level to improve our working lives and their affects on our personal lives and those of our families. We have established fruitful, ongoing, cooperative relationships with Harvard Administrators and, together, we have changed the lives of our members in very meaningful ways.

Our members have so many positive and uplifting stories about how we all work together to improve our situations and working lives - from child care and elder care funding to short-term disability programs and maternity and paternity leaves; from establishing funds for our members to attend school and classes, to increased time off and being part of joint committees and councils throughout the campus. And also being able to receive salary increases when those of faculty and exempt staff were frozen during challenging economic times.

Being a part of HUCTW is an experience I never would have imagined in 1972 when I arrived on campus. It has united workers across our vast and varied schools like nothing else could have. We have found our voices, individually as well as collectively. We are committed to our present and our future at Harvard.

I hope our friends at Tufts will do the same and that we will share our stories together one day. And that one day, like me, you will be proud not only of the union at Tufts that symbolizes all the best qualities of Tufts employees, but that you will feel better about yourself, your life and the important work that you do. We are still here and going strong and you will be too!"

HUCTW member Joyce Guarnieri, UAR Coordinator, Alumni Affairs and Development, Harvard

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HUCTW member Cheryl Coke, Dental Assistant II, Teaching Practices, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 29 years

HUCTW member

Current and former HUCTW leaders

Front row, from left to right: Lynn Wang DeLacey, Gloria Buffonge, Adrienne Landau, Marie Manna, Rachael School, Donene Williams, Nkwanzi Sabiti, and Laura Johnson.

Back row, from left to right: Randi Ellingboe, Kasia Razynska, Shamim Morani, Geri Barney, Tasha Williams, Steve Sweeney, Martha Fuller, Lesley Schoenfeld, Laura Ebenstein, Wanthani Briggs, Connie Smith, Ann Sjostedt, and Bill Jaeger.

The TEA website was designed by HUCTW Organizer, Carrie Barbash (not pictured)

HUCTW member

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The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) is a union of nearly 5000 employees at Harvard University. HUCTW members voted to form a union in 1988, after creating a new model for how to be a union. They wanted their union to emphasize collaboration, not adversarialism. They wanted to create a community of staff by including every person in the conversation about the future of work here.

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"I started working at the Harvard School of Public Health in 2000, but it wasn’t until I returned to work — after taking a couple years off from work to get my master’s degree at the school—that I realized all the things that the union has been working hard for to benefit me. Some are little things, some big things, but they all have added up to make a real difference.

Despite having worked in grant-funded positions, the union has given me a sense of work security. The union helped me pay for my classes while I was working. More recently, we’ve been fortunate to get raises in the tough economy. And, since I had my first son last year, I’ve gotten great help from paid parental leave and HUCTW’s childcare fund!"

HUCTW member Charlotte Chang, Research Assistant, Harvard School of Public Health

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HUCTW member Joyce Guarnieri, UAR Coordinator, Alumni Affairs and Development, Harvard
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HUCTW member


"I enjoy feeling like part of a community at such a decentralized place. I know there are people out there, instead of feeling marooned in my one corner of the campus. I really appreciate knowing that there is this whole group of people out there looking out for my quality of life. Work-life balance is hard enough. Why do it alone if I don't have to?

The union leadership includes some of the smartest, most dedicated people I've met. Our union has such a unique approach to the employer/employee relationship. It strives to treat the relationship as a symbiotic one. When one piece prospers, so does the other. That's what we're after, a healthier whole."

HUCTW member Kate Zirpolo Flynn, Faculty Assistant III, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard, 10 years

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HUCTW member

Pictured above: Paul Ronsheim and Mary Person


"While working and attending library school I really appreciated the Union's tuition assistance. Now as an 'exempt' professional I'm glad the Union is still there for my library colleagues, and I continue to benefit,
too -- for example,  from the work and programs of our local union-management Joint Council."

Former HUCTW member Mary Person, Rare Books Cataloger, Harvard Law School Library (pictured with husband Paul Ronsheim, a Tufts employee)

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